Party Planning

Planning drinks for your party

Most guests will consume two drinks during the first hour of your event and one drink during each following hour. When planning an event serving wine, beer and spirits, the general rule of thumb is that:

  • 50% will prefer WINE
  • 30% will prefer BEER
  • 20% will prefer MIXED DRINKS

If you do not anticipate serving mixed drinks at your event, then you should plan on 60% of your guests consuming wine and 40% beer.

Drink Calculator
Use this calculator to determine how many bottles of wine, beer, and spirits you will need for your next event.
Party Duration(Hours)  Guest Count 

If serving wine, beer and spirits
Beverages needed:

  •     750ml bottles of wine
  •     12oz bottles of beer
  •     750ml bottles of spirits

If serving wine and beer
Beverages needed:

  •     750ml bottles of wine
  •     12oz bottles of beer

Planning your party drinks

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