Ownership Structure

The Martignetti Companies are 100% owned by Carmine Martignetti (50% ownership) and Carl Martignetti (50% ownership). They are the 3rd generation of the Martignetti family to own the company.

Company Background

The origin of Martignetti Companies dates back to 1908 with the establishment of a small grocery store/wine shop in the North End of Boston. The distribution/wholesale company was established shortly after the repeal of Prohibition in 1933. The company experienced consistent growth from inception to 1990 when sales reached $60 million. The 1990's marked a time period of explosive change which through a combination of organic growth, acquisition and line appointments saw company sales increase to $322 million and establish a contiguous 5-state regional sales organization. 2000 through 2006 saw even more growth with sales for the region now hovering just under $1 billion. Martignetti Companies of New Hampshire, Inc., formerly Jet Wine & Spirits, Inc., was founded in 1983. Partners, Jason Treisman and D. Dean Williams sold the company in 1993 to the Martignetti Companies. Mr. Treisman retired, while Mr. Williams remains today as Executive Vice President and General Manager.