Martignetti Companies

Martignetti Companies is owned by Carmine and Carl Martignetti. They are the 3rd generation of the Martignetti family to own the company.  The origin of Martignetti Companies dates to 1908 with the establishment of a small grocery store/wine shop in the North End of Boston. The distribution/wholesale company was established shortly after repeal of Prohibition in 1933, at which time Martignetti Companies was issued license Number One in Boston.

Martignetti Companies of NNE

Martignetti Companies of Northern New England, an ownership division of Martignetti Companies, is the premier broker of fine wine and spirits in the New Hampshire market and exclusively spirits in the Vermont and Maine markets. These three states are identified as Control States in the alcohol industry; Control States manage the sale of distilled spirits and, in some cases, wine and beer through government agencies at the wholesale level.

As control state experts with superior regional distribution relationships, we work with our partners to drive sales execution and brand development throughout Northern New England.

Together with these partners, Martignetti is a great supporter of charitable giving within our communities around the state, encouraging all to give in any way they can, because everyone has something to give. Whether it is your time, your money, your skills – Just do something! Please look for our logo when you shop. It’s a sure sign of quality; an icon of trust.